Team and Partners

The International Centre for Frugal Innovation (ICFI) was founded by Cees van Beers, Peter Knorringa and André Leliveld in 2013. Throughout the years, the team has been extended with PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, senior researchers within the three universities, a Hub in Kenya, several research partners and support staff. Throughout the years the ICFI research group has grown into a multidisciplinary community from all around the world working together on developing a better understanding of the implications of frugal innovation. 

We are proud to present our ICFI community; our team and partners who collaborate together for science and society focused on frugal innovation. 

Meet our Team

Postdoctoral and PhD researchers

Research Partners





Hatenboer Water

Research Solutions Africa

South Eastern Kenya University

University of Johannesburg

Seed2Feed Foundation

Centre for Frugal Innovation Hamburg

Santa Clara University – Frugal Innovation Hub


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