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At ICFI we are always looking forward to meet new people and to cooperate with new partners ranging from universities to large and small companies. We collaborate internationally with academics, students, innovators, policy makers, entrepreneurs, NGOs and communities that are involved in studying, developing or implementing innovations with frugal characteristics.

We focus on all innovations with frugal dimensions which are often referred to using other labels such as grassroot, bottom-up, responsible or inclusive innovations. What matters within ICFI is the search for, and implementation of, innovations that are of significant relevance to address major societal challenges like the climate and energy transition, global health and food security.


Do you wish to contribute to and/or learn from our research activities? You are most welcome to contact us.

International Centre for Frugal innovation


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We already cooperate with the following partners:

CFIA Partner - Aalto University Logo
Centre for Entrepreneurship
CFIA Partner - Centre for Frugal Innovation Hamburg
De Montfort University
EADI logo
Haagse Hogeschool
Hatenboer Water logo
CFIA Partner - University of Nairobi
CFIA Partner - Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi – Centre for Studies in Science Policy
CFIA Partner - Jibu
Nuvoni Centre for Innovation Research
Oasen Drinkwater logo
CFIA Partner - Repoa
Provincie Zuid-Holland
CFIA Partner - Research Solutions Africa
CFIA Partner - Santa Clara University – Frugal Innovation Hub
CFIA Partner - Seed 2 Feed
CFIA Partner - South Eastern Kenya University
CFIA Partner - Tahmo
CFIA Partner - TNFIS
CFIA Partner - University of Cambridge – Judge Business School
CFIA Partner - University of Johannesburg
University of Wageningen
University of Western Cape
CFIA Partner - What Design Can Do
World startup