Dr. Sanghamitra Chakravarty

Job title
PhD Researcher (2017-2022)

With an interdisciplinary background in chemical engineering and development studies, Sanghamitra has  been working at the interface of technology, innovation, and development in diverse contexts since 2002. She made a mid-career switch from practice to academia and currently doing a postdoc at TU Delft. Her research explores non-technological factors which influence electrochemical CO2 conversion, an emerging technology to a higher technology readiness level. This role gives her the opportunity to interact with technologists pushing the frontiers of science and social scientists who integrate this knowledge with real world complexities for societal benefit.

Previously, Sanghamitra worked in a mission mode national programme on bamboo applications and on bilateral industrial R&D initiatives under Department of Science & Technology in India, and at The Research Council, Oman in innovation policy and support. A need to better understand the theories behind development practice led her to a course on Sustainable Local Economic Development at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in 2014 and eventually a mid-career break in 2017 for full time doctoral studies. Her PhD explored capabilities and inclusion in micro-level processes of technological change from the perspective of resource-constrained innovation with fieldwork data from the medical device sector in South Africa. Her research was embedded in the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus International Centre for Frugal Innovation (ICFI) hosted by ISS. Currently Sanghamitra is working for the TUD as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Organisation & Governance Section of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TUD/TPM). 

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Sanghamitra Chakravarty