Albert Kraaij

Job title
PhD Researcher

Albert Kraaij serves as a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship and Researcher at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and is pursuing his PhD at Erasmus University. His expertise spans multiple disciplines. Initially a finance professional, he has held roles as a financial controller and finance director within diverse commercial entities and the public sector. He possesses master's degrees in Business Administration and Innovation Studies. His research encompasses entrepreneur-led job creation, frugal business model innovation, and developing an impact assessment tool utilizing the SDGs. Albert is associated with the ICFI International Centre for Frugal Innovation. At The Hague University of Applied Sciences, he facilitates the integration of the Mission Zero research group's sustainability research with various academic programs. Albert has engaged in and led several national and international educational initiatives, focusing on entrepreneurship and design thinking. He is also a lecturer for the Frugal Innovation Minor.

Recent publications:

Kraaij, A., Evangelista, A., & Poldner, K. (2023, June). The positive financial and sustainability business case (Pos-FSBC). In New Business Models Conference Proceedings 2023. Maastricht University Press.

Kraaij, A., Swakhoven A. & Poldner, K. (2022) Design-thinking & Frugality; A workshop routine to capturethe value of innovations for SMEs. In: Proceedings of the 7th International Conferenceon New Business Models: Sustainable Business Models Challenges: Economic Recovery and Digital Transformation, Rome, Italy. Halmstad University Press. pp. 625-633.

Kraaij, A. & Limonard, S. (2021) Doing more with less: Towards a conceptual framework for frugal business model innovation. In: Kopnina, H. Circular Economy: Challenges and Opportunities for Ethical and Sustainable Business . Abingdon, UK, Routledge, pp. 40-62

Kraaij, A. & Rademaker, S. (2021) Hiring the first employee: an international exploration on the considerations leading to job creation by the solo self-employed. In: Unlocking Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Cheltenham (UK): Edward Elgar Publishing.

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