Anna Elias

Job title
PhD Researcher

Anna’s research focuses on understanding how organisations structured as cooperatives use frugal innovation to scale their operations, markets and impact while
effectively engaging with multiple stakeholders. Specifically, she seeks to study the potential of digital platform cooperatives in creating sustainable and resilient livelihoods in the Indian informal economy.

Before engaging with ISS, Anna was professionally involved in areas that overlap public sector, business, and innovation. She consulted various public and private
sector stakeholders in the Middle East and North African region on approaches towards diversifying away from oil dependence to emerging sectors including FinTech, blockchain, and renewable energy. She also worked with small-holder farmers in Africa, predominantly
Zambia, to understand the need and scope of sustainable innovation through locally relevant agro solutions. Anna holds Masters in Development Studies from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, with a specialisation in development economics.

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