Dr. Pamela Ceron Chafla

Job title
Postdoctoral Researcher (2020 - 2023)

Pamela did research on frugal innovation in anaerobic wastewater treatment: exploring sustainability aspects for the development of biogas value chains at TU Delft. 

• Collaborated with multidisciplinary team members in Ecuador, Uganda and India to "frugalize" biogas cleaning and anaerobic treatment of effluents from food and feed industry.
• Contributed to and actively participated in research conception, design and execution of "frugal innovations" for anaerobic waste treatment in 3 agricultural projects in Ecuador
• Contributed to and actively participated in research conception and design of "innovative" sanitation solutions for emerging neighbourhoods in the Philippines
• Reviewed and analyzed historical and emerging literature to develop and put into practice new technologies in anaerobic wastewater treatment at laboratory and field scale
• Leveraged interpersonal and communication skills to mentor 4 graduate and 1 undergraduate students.

Publications by Pamela Ceron 

Pamela Ceron Chafla (2020 -2023)