Conferences, workshops and seminars

Through the hubs and domains ICFI connects with academic and societal partners, which have led to a strong foundation for a global frugal innovation network.  A key example has been our Water and Health consortium in East Africa, connecting academics, African entrepreneurs and three Dutch companies in the 'Water' and 'Health' Top Sectors.

ICFI aims to further strengthen, diversify and expand this network. Through our projects and engagement activities academics, we work together with students, policy makers, businesses & NGOs to increasingly incorporate frugal innovation into their daily operations and longer-term strategies.

Interested in our knowledge and activities? Below you can find an overview of some of our key keynotes, workshops, seminars and major networking events

Overview 2020

Networking event during the World Urban Forum 2020

DG Research and Innovation policy workshop

Overview 2019

Economic transformation, Local Economic development and frugal innovation

The Role of Frugal Innovations in Meeting Future Energy Needs

Learning from Frugal Innovation in Water and Agro-food