International Centre for Frugal Innovation Marks 10th Anniversary with Pioneering Handbook Launch

On November 2, 2023, ICFI will celebrate its 10th anniversary and launch the eagerly anticipated Handbook on Frugal Innovation, authored by 48 experts and (senior) scholars from diverse corners of the globe. This significant occasion not only underscores the relevance of frugal innovation in today's world, but also highlights its profound impact on addressing pressing global challenges.

We are thrilled to present the much-anticipated Handbook on Frugal Innovation, a comprehensive guide that delves into the diverse facets of this captivating field. With contributions from a wide range of experts, both in terms of geographical diversity and disciplinary backgrounds, this handbook promises to be an invaluable resource for academics, policymakers, and students seeking a deeper understanding of Frugal innovation.

The Handbook, edited by André Leliveld, Saradindu Bhaduri, Peter Knorringa, and Cees van Beers, boasts a rich tapestry of insights from 48 contributors. The diversity in contributors' disciplinary backgrounds and thematic foci is a testament to the collaborative spirit of LDE. Without this multidisciplinary cooperation, we believe the Handbook would have been far less rich in original contributions and fresh perspectives. This variety has been made possible by the LDE-plus international structure of ICFI, with partners in India and Kenya.

Handbook on Frugal InnovationExploring the contents of the Handbook, you'll notice that the cover image features a lens. This choice is symbolic of the book's narrative: each chapter provides a new perspective on how adopting a frugal innovation lens can reshape our understanding of innovation's implications for society and the planet. Like a lens, it magnifies what's hidden from the naked eye, revealing the depth of insights that these chapters bring.

This journey to create the Handbook has been nothing short of remarkable. It began with a NIAS-Lorentz Workshop, a four-day event that set the wheels in motion. The workshop environment generated an infectious energy, inspiring everyone to contribute their best to the Handbook. It became evident that the informal moments during lunches, dinners, city walks in Leiden, and evening gatherings were equally instrumental in shaping the book's structure and content.

Behind the scenes, the enthusiasm and energy that unfolded during meetings with contributors was truly infectious. The patience of our contributors, especially during the challenging times of the pandemic, has been invaluable. We fondly remember the Open Space meeting at the NIAS-Lorentz workshop, where intuition, improvisation, creativity, and personal experiences played a more significant role than in traditional academic seminars and workshops. It was a testament to frugal ways of thinking and doing. - André Leliveld

In conclusion, the Handbook on Frugal Innovation is not just a book; it's a journey of collaboration, creativity, and innovation. We are excited to share this valuable resource with the world and believe it will inspire frontier thinking in innovation studies. As we move forward, let us remember that innovation is a lens through which we can see the world in new and transformative ways.

To all contributors: thank you for your support and enthusiasm in bringing this handbook to fruition. We look forward to the impact this Handbook will have on the academic and policy-making communities!

André Leliveld, Saradindu Bhaduri, Peter Knorringa & Cees van Beers