Sustainable Livestock Farming Innovation Mission - Kenya

From March 18th to 21st, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) will be hosting a "Sustainable Livestock Farming Innovation Mission" in Kenya. Kenya serves as a key trading partner in East Africa, with the Netherlands positioned as the second-largest destination for Kenyan exports, particularly in horticultural produce, according to Statista figures from 2022.

In Kenya's livestock sector, there exists a robust presence of Dutch private sector entities. However, the Kenyan market faces challenges that necessitate addressing to promote responsible agricultural production, bolster food security, and foster export and employment opportunities.

Innovation is seen as a critical component in facilitating the sector's sustainable growth. Private sector companies and research institutes play pivotal roles in spearheading the invention and implementation of innovations, demonstrating proof of concepts, and inspiring others.

Greetje Schouten, Senior Advisor at KIT Royal Tropical Institute and Researcher at Wageningen University and Research's Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation group, affiliated with the International Centre on Frugal Innovation (ICFI), will participate in the innovation mission.

During the virtual kick-off meeting, which took place on March 6th, Elsie Onsongo and Elvis Kiptoo from Nuvoni Research hosting the ICFI Kenya hub delivered a presentation challenging prevailing mainstream perceptions of innovation among participants and emphasizing the significance of the Kenyan context in shaping innovation practices.

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