Design for Values - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Design Education

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Zoom: see link below

On Thursday 27 May, 12:30-13:00, the first of a new series of community meetings will take  place.  The aim of these informal meetings is to connect and to share and discuss work and experiences in the field of design for values.

This first meeting is hosted by Rachel Lee and will encourage discussion around issues relating to diversity, equity and inclusion in design education.

How can educators work to identify and counter unconscious biases? How can we design and develop seminars, studios and research projects that are built around a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion? How can we honour differences in gender, age, culture, race, sexuality, religion, class and ability within the student body and the educational tasks they engage with? How can we build safe spaces for difficult conversations?

CFIA's Student Assistant Rebecca Baugh will be a guest speaker to talk more about her thesis and her work at CFIA regarding diversity, equity and inclusion.

The event will take place online (Zoom-link).