Digital technology and frugal innovation with marginalized refugee groups in Kenya

Thrive for Change

Earlier this year THRIVE and ICFI Kenya joined forces and organised an symposium to distill key lessons learnt from researchers, organisations, civil society groups and donors working on technology and ‘frugal innovations’ (including non-technological innovations) with marginalized refugee groups in Kenya.  
These lessons learnt are now bundled together in the below Briefing Note and Infographic.

Check them out now and join our journey in unpacking the use of digital technology and frugal innovation.

Briefing Note: 

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Digital technology and innovation for refugee resilience and self-reliance



Download the infographic here

Digital technology and frugal innovation

What is Frugal Innovation?

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Digital technology and frugal innovation in Kenya (1.2 MB)
What is frugal innovation? an introduction to frugal innovation and frugality by ICFI (5.52 MB)
Infographic Digital Technology and Frugal Innovation in Kenya (248.93 KB)