Locally embedded research that addresses knowledge gaps and policy evidence gaps

The ICFI Kenya Hub is based at Nuvoni Centre for Innovation Research (NCIR). NCIR is an independent academic research firm based in Nairobi, Kenya. Their mission is to undertake locally embedded academic research on science, technology and innovation and its role in fostering inclusive development in Africa. Current focus areas are energy, technology and innovation management and urban development. 

Mission and Strategy

NCIR aims to establish itself as an international centre of excellence on the study of innovation and inclusive development in Kenya, and by extension, sub-Saharan Africa. This will be achieved by conducting robust academic research across a range of disciplines, developing research partnerships, integrating into regional and global academic networks, engaging with policymakers, the private sector, civil society and local communities to ensure our research outputs have societal relevance.

The objective of NCIR is to do more locally embedded research on how science, innovation and technology contribute to inclusive development and human well-being. We aim to shed more light on the dynamics and impact of science, technology and innovation on business and entrepreneurship, policy processes, culture, and society in general. The outputs of this research should be relevant for theory, provide real life cases for teaching, and provide evidence for policy making.


NCIR aims to become an environment where early-career scholars of innovation in Kenya can access mentorship, scientific resources and exposure. Our location in Nairobi, Kenya, being a regional hub, and a vibrant place for new technology development, entrepreneurship and policy innovation, offers a great environment to pursue these objectives.

ICFI Kenya is directed by Dr Elsie K. Onsongo

ICFI Kenya Hub Team

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Research focus and projects

ICFI Kenya adopts a multi-disciplinary perspective to develop analytical knowledge and thinking on innovation in resource-constrained environments. Our core research focuses on energy, technology and innovation management and urban development.