Exploring Refugees and ICTs: Innovating Towards Inclusion and Integration in Fragile Environments     

Official project title:         Exploring Refugees and ICTs: Innovating towards inclusion and integration in fragile environments.
Project leader:                  Dr. Holly Richie
Duration:                          2017 - ongoing

Delft University of Technology and the Municipality of the Hague have together selected fourteen projects in which Responsible Innovation for the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Each project contributed to shedding light on how the one can contribute to the other. One of those projects was Technology for Livelihood- Improving Frugal Innovations by Refugees: Enabling refugees to invent low-cost technological solutions. In this project, dr. Holly Ritchie investigated the use of ICT's by refugees in fragile environments and assessed how frugal innovation can positively influence their livelihoods.  The project resulted in an elaborate literature review and was presented on 8 June 2018 in The Peace Palace, The Hague. 

This project will be continued in further collaboration between dr. Holly Ritchie and ICFI