Online Symposium: Technology and (Frugal) Innovations in Marginalized Refugee Communities in Kenya: Aiding resilience, self-reliance and inclusion?

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Technology and (Frugal) Innovation in Marginalized Refugee Communities in Kenya: Aiding resilience, self-reliance and inclusion?

During this online symposium, we aim to distill key lessons learnt from researchers, organisations, civil society groups and donors working on technology and ‘frugal innovations’ (including non-technological innovations) with marginalized refugee groups in Kenya.  These lessons learnt may include successful aid interventions, locally-led initiatives (including by refugee groups) and broader use of innovation/technology that have enabled refugee populations to become more resilient, self-reliant and/or integrated into local communities. Barriers and obstacles that hinder the use, development and scaling up of frugal innovations will be highlighted, especially related to gender. 

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Symposium Refugees and Frugal Innovation in Kenya

Please kindly get in touch with Dr Holly Ritchie (Founder of Thrive for Change, ISS Erasmus University, ICFI research affiliate), (+254 701 778971) for more information and registration.