TAHMO Weather Station

TAHMO Weather Stations

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Action Learning Case.

TAHMO Weather Stations was selected as one of the Action Learning Cases in the Frugal and Responsible Innovation project.  

Farming is all about knowing the weather.
Imagine life without weather data. Commercial aviation would cease. Forecasting extreme weather events would be impossible. Emergency response systems would be unprepared for natural disasters. Flood and crop insurance wouldn’t exist. Even planning your weekend activities would be harder. Today, weather data improve the lives of many people. But, there are still parts of the globe where weather monitoring doesn’t exist. That is exactly the case across much of the African continent.

The Trans-African HydroMeteorological Observatory (TAHMO) is an initiative aimed at rolling out a network of 20,000 affordable weather stations in Sub Saharan Africa. This monitoring network will replace a rapidly deteriorating system, and it’s expected to be a vital tool for tracking climate change in the continent. The weather information retrieved from the stations will be converted to weather information services for farmers. 

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