Recap Research Insights Live: climate change & the environment

In the first Research Insights Live event we delved into how stories of oil extraction, justice-based approaches, unseen climate impact & rare earth metals fit in the bigger picture of climate change & sustainable development! A large audience joined researchers from ISS and critical thinkers as they share their cutting-edge insights and research.

In the run-up to World Environment Day 2021, this episode centered around one key research area: climate and the environment.  The conversation revolved around research at its finest: critical, based on real-world insights, and bringing together a kaleidoscope of perspectives. 

A quick recap of the program:

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The event covered a lot! Did you miss the event? You can watch the full recording here or via the video below. Do you want more information about the speakers, research projects and initiatives that we touched upon? Then please head on over to the Research Insights Live event page where you can find links to the researchers’ profiles as well as a number of other resources.