Getting ready for the next heatwave in The Hague

Temperatures are climbing again in the Netherlands this week. Unfortunately, it can become harder for citizens, like the elderly, to beat the heat in a densely populated city like The Hague.

Associate professor and senior researcher Sylvia I. Bergh tells us that as climate change persists, so will heatwaves and cities need to be prepared to protect their residents — including the most vulnerable.

Getting ready for the next heatwave

In their latest report, Bergh and researchers find that elderly and migrant residents in The Hague are likelier to live in 'heat islands', an area where cool air is hard to find, and face serious health risks. 
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As the climate changes, simple and affordable tricks to cool off are crucial. Researchers Erwin van TuijlSylvia I. Bergh, and Ashley Richard Longman share suggestions they learned from a recent project funded by City of The Hague in their recent blog
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Mapping Heatwaves in The Hague Final Report (2.33 MB)