CHANGING VOICES? Civil Society and Global Urban Development 

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Have you registered for this year’s online Trialog Annual Conference 8th-25th September?  
If yes, we look forward to interacting with you over the next 2 weeks. If no, you are missing out on quite the learning experience. The 2021 TRIALOG Annual Conference is dedicated to a critical (self) reflection of past and future roles of civil society and academia in the global urbanisation discourse.  Organized in 12 panel sessions and 2 plenary sessions, this annual conference offers a unique opportunity for researchers, practitioners, policy makers, innovators and local communities from different parts the world to interact and reflect on the roles of different actors in global urban development.

We especially invite you to Panel IX (9)on Connecting Community And Organizational Resilience in Nairobi and Rotterdam, which will be held on Thursday, 23d September, 15:00-16.30 (UTC) 17:00-18.30(CEST) 18.00-19.30 (EAT) to debate on challenges and recent advancements in collective action taken by communities during Covid-19 in both Nairobi and Rotterdam.  

A diverse and insightful panel selected from the two cities and representing community organizations, NGOs and local governments, will facilitate rich conversations that question how community resilience initiatives (CRI’s) can be better connected to local governments?  

The session will explore networking: How are CRI’s and local governments connected in Rotterdam and Nairobi? How can the network of two cities which are far apart enable learning?  

You can listen in and be part of this, and many other conversations in the 12 thematic sessions afforded by the conference, by registering through the following link:  

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