Frugal Innovation: A Meta-analysis of the Literature

Official project title:         Frugal Innovation: A Meta-analysis of the Literature
Project leader:                  Prof. dr. Peter Knorringa
Duration:                          2017 - Now

CFIA is analyzing the emerging literature on frugal innovation to unfold frugal innovation processes, identify frugal innovation patterns, and evaluate evidence (economic, environmental or social) performance.

The main research questions of this project are:

  • What is the literature on FI focusing on?
  • To what extent does FI (literature) tell about sustainability impacts?
  • Is it possible to identify any patterns of performing FI?

Involved researchers:

  • Valentina di Marchi
  • Rachel Howell (2018 - now)
  • Michelle Verheij (2018 - now)
  • Fleur the Wit (2017-2018)


Story of science

Story of Science - CFIA - a meta-analysis of frugal innovation literature