Neelke Doorn

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Neelke is Professor of Ethics of Water Engineering at TU Delft and former assistant director of the 4TU.Centre of Ethics and Technology, a collaboration between the universities of Delft, Eindhoven and Twente aiming to study ethical issues in the development and use of technology. She has completed Master's degrees in Civil Engineering at TU Delft, Philosophy at Leiden and Law at the Open University, but also a PhD degree on Moral Responsibility in R&D Networks at TU Delft. At the International Centre for Frugal Innovation Neelke contributes to the Frugal Innovation and Responsible Entrepreneurship project.

Neelke's research focuses on:

  • moral questions related to water governance; and
  • ethics of flood risk management.

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Neeleke Doorn, CFIA Research Partner
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