Annual Report Prince Claus Chair published

Recently, the Annual Report on the Prince Claus Chair of 2016 has been published by the Prince Claus Chair Curatorium. This report aims to give an overview of the work done by Chairs and also some background information on why this position was brought to existence. Current Chair Professor Saradindu Bhaduri is connected to CFIA, for his interest is in frugal innovation, with a focus on innovation in the informal sector.

In 2003, the Prince Claus Chair was established by Utrecht University and the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) as a way to honour Prince Claus of the Netherlands. Prince Claus had always been involved in and actively emphasizing North-South cooperation, thereby focusing on development. Instead of implying any top-down relationship, the Prince focused on local ownership and knowledge, which he considered to be vital for development. It is for this reason that Prince Claus Chairs are all working or originating from countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean or the Pacific, who have experience with a relevant theme for development and equity. 

When Professor Peter Knorringa was appointed Chair of the Search Committee for a new Chair, he saw strong connections between Prince Claus' vision and CFIA's view on frugal innovation. CFIA considers frugal innovation to be based on local knowledge and experiences. If  necessary, knowledge or technology from elsewhere may be included. Too often is local experience or intelligence not seen as truly innovating. In the words of Professor Bhaduri: "What I was – and still am – interested in, is minor innovations. Small adaptations.". Because minor adaptations and innovations can lead to major implications and progress. 

Read more about the work of Prince Claus Chair Professor Saradindu Bhaduri, the postdoctural researcher working with the Chair Dr. Kinsuk Mani Sinha and the cooperation between CFIA and the Prince Claus Chair in the annual report