FICFAI 2019 Conference: a Frugal Approach to Innovation

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New Delhi, India

CFIA is one of the academic partners of the FORE International Conference on “Frugal approach to Innovation” 2019 is the eighth conference of the annual international conference series hosted by FORE School of Management at New Delhi, India. This conference, a first of its kind in India, has the vision to present India’s competence around the frugal approach to innovation. Situated in New Delhi, this conference is well poised to symbolically represent India’s soft power. The conference acknowledges the fact that frugal innovation may not be discussed unless we bring together the practitioners (who are presently doing it, as well as, those who may be inspired to do it), policymakers (who can provide impetus for developing the required ecosystem) and academicians (who will study and disseminate the knowledge around this approach). Thus we have two parallel academic and practitioner tracks so that practice can inform theory as well as vice versa. We also provide a platform where the policymakers, practitioners, and academicians would have a meaningful and systematic dialogue through a panel discussion. Thus, this conference is an effort to look for answers and push forward the research in the field of frugal innovation.

Domains Touched: Management, Business, Technology, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology

Academic Track: Within this overall theme, the main topics of the academic track include, but are not limited to:

  • Technological Enablers of Frugality
  • Synergies of Artificial Intelligence and Digitization with Frugal Innovation
  • Frugal Business Models
  • Frugal Approaches to Education and Healthcare
  • Solving Urban Distress through Frugal Philosophy
  • Psychological Attributes of Frugal Innovators/Teams
  • Future of Planet and “Frugality”
  • Social Contours of Frugal Innovation
  • Roots of “Frugal” Philosophy and Perils of “Abundance”
  • Ethnographical Accounts of Frugal Innovators
  • Frugal Innovation for Business Sustainability

Practitioner Track:  Within this overall theme, the main topics of the practitioner track include, but are not limited to:

  • Urban Problems and Frugal Solutions
  • Industry Specific Enablers and Challenges for Frugal Innovation
  • Auto-ethnography/Autobiographical treatise on Frugal Innovation
  • Accounting for Real Challenges on Field through “their” Stories
  • Way Forward for Frugal Approach to Innovation

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