Connecting Practices Conference

CFIA Events, Presenting work at NWO MVI Conference 'Connecting Practices'


At the 'NWO-MVI Connecting practices' conference, the added value of the MVI approach for practice and society was central. The connection and dialogue between science, business and society is an important approach.

The NWO-MVI community with experts from universities, governmental organisations, businesses and other stakeholders involved in responsible innovation came together for an excited programma regarding responsible innovation processes. The conference main topics were:

  • MVI and the digital society.
  • MVI and smart mobility, energy, and circular economy.
  • collaboration between researchers and (public and private) partners
  • MVI and 'Learning Communities
  • Update on the progress within the NWO-MVI projects.

Cees van Beers presented CFIA's Health, Energy, Water and Agriculture (HEWA) themed project 'Frugal Innovation in the Water and Health Sectors in East Africa'.

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