Postdoc research position on Frugal and Inclusive Business Models

We have an open postdoc-position on frugal and inclusive business models in our research project "Frugal Innovations and Responsible Entrepreneurship: Case Studies in the Water and Health Sectors in East Africa".

This project is funded and supported by the Netherlands Scientific Research Organization (NWO) and three private partners, Philips N.V., OASEN and Hatenboer-Water BV. In addition to a team of senior researchers, the research team consists of a PhD candidate and two postdoctoral researchers (in management and philosophy/ethics respectively).


Candidates interested in the position should submit no later than March 4 2016 a cover letter, curriculum vitae and a text of no more than 500 words in which the candidate provides some ideas on how to deal with the central theme of the research from the business model perspective. A description of the project can be downloaded.

The documents should be submitted to mr. Tom Harmsen at:

For more information on the position, please contact:

prof.dr. P. Knorringa, e-mail:


prof.dr. C.P.  van Beers, e-mail:

Postdoc position on Frugal and Inclusive Business Models
Project description