21 November: Seminar on Grassroots Innovation

On 21 November CFIA is involved in organizing a seminar session on Grassroots Innovation, together with the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS) and Partos, which is the Dutch membership body for organisations working in international development. Former Prince Claus Chairholder Saradindu Bhaduri will share his knowledge on the matter, as well as CFIA director Peter Knorringa. Several cases are presented and discussed with the audience, focused on bridging the gap between academia and practice. 

The afternoon seminar takes place at the ISS in The Hague. Please find the programme below. Register here

14.00: Registration 
14.30: Welcome byt Linda johnson (ISS) and Anne-Marie Heemskerk (Partos)
14.45: Grassroots innovation is it a hype or is it here to stay? – Josine Stremmelaar (Hivos), Saradindu Bhaduri (ISS/CFIA/PCC), Peter Knorringa (ISS/CFIA)
15.30: Presentation of cases in break out sessions
16.15: Working Group Sessions |
17.00: Short report back from the Working Group Sessions 
17.20: Closing remarks 
17:30 Drinks 


Seminar Grassroots Innovation.pdf (540.27 KB)