MOOC 'Responsible Innovation'

The MOOC  'Responsible Innovation' of Delft Technical University discussed the concept of responsible innovation, its meaning and its significance by addressing the societal implications of new technologies and showing how we might incorporate ethical considerations into technical innovations. 

Module 'Frugal Innovations as Responsible Innovations'

In this module we focused on a specific form of innovations, i.e. frugal innovations. We started with a case study on frugal weather stations. Second, we presented frugal innovations from the business perspective of the private firm and explained how profit related motives drive commercialization of frugal innovations. Third, we switched to the responsible elements of frugal innovations focus by paying attention to the question how labour standards are of importance in the design and production of frugal innovations. The final web lecture paid attention to several ways of how frugal innovations can contribute to local economic development taking into account the preferences of the local customers in developing countries.

1. Web lecture about frugal weather stations:


2. Web lecture about the business perspective on frugal innovation:


3. Web lecture about frugal innovations and social standards:


4. Web lecture on frugal innovation and economic development: